Title: S P Y
Characters: Donghae, Hyukjae, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk
Pairing: Haehyuk/Eunhae
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Spying on Hyukkie. (-.-)
A/N: Just a VERY random short story that I started with since my mind been wanting to write up a eunhae fanfic. So a short one to appease myself. But ended up with a longer fanfic than I expected. Hehehe. A fluffy fanfics as usual. Comments are appreciated. Not beta-ed. :) Enjoy~
In Super Junior dorm
A certain fish was pacing to and fro in the living room, clutching his phone in his hands tightly.
"Yah! LEE DONGHAE! Stop walking to a fro and sit down! You are making me dizzy! Chinja this kid!" Leeteuk who was watching the television in the living room said after getting annoyed by  the fishy. But he was ignored. Leeteuk switched off the television before finally going to his own room sighing in defeat. 
Up till now the little fishy was still in his own world. 
Then, the dorm door open to reveal the resident evil magnae, Kyuhyun. This brought the fishy from his own world and he quickly ran up to the magnae who have yet to open his shoes. 
"KYU! KYU! Kyu! So how? What was he doing? Did he say anything? Did he ask about me? Did he? Did he?" the fishy bombarded the magnae with questions. 
"Yah! Lee Donghae! Can't you at least wait for me to open my shoes first?"
"No! No! Aswer me now KYU!!!!"
"Yah! Hyung! Wait a while will you?!"
"HYUNG! We are only one level apart, it's so unreasonable to call you just to say I'm going back to our dorm. Furthermore, it's too suspicious!"
The fishy boy quiten down and start to pout with a frown.
Kyu look at the said boy after opening his shoes and thought a loud 'And how does Hyukkie-hyung even handle you?' before rolling his eyes.
Upon hearing the said name, Hae's eyes sparkled and went back to shooting the questions again at Kyuhyun. 
"Hyukkie?? What was he doing? Did he say anything? Did he ask about be? Did he? Did he?"
"Woah! Woah! Slow down. Ok. He was playing with his phone with a stupid smile on his monkey face but I don't what he was doing. He didn't even greet me when I came. So, nope, he didn't ask anything about you."
The said fishy boy starts thinking and ignoring the magnae who has gone back to his room. He sat at the living room sofa before going back to his own world. 
So this fishy boy had asked Kyuhyun to go to the other dorm to 'spy' on his Hyukkie. (And don't ask me how he did it, he just did. It's Donghae afterall.) The said monkey boy has been acting weird lately, according to the fishy boy that is. Hyukjae has been on his phone a lot lately and would often smile to himself and when Donghae ask about it, he would brush it off with a 'Nothing Hae.'

Donghae was getting suspicious. After contemplating whether he should spy on his lover or not, he finally came out with the answer. He wanted to spy on his Hyukkie but he trust his Hyukkie doesn't he? So he is not gonna spy on him. So he asked the magnae to do it instead. It's not the same right? He is not spying on Hyukkie. Kyuhyun is. So he is not guilty. 
So here he is pondering over whatever information Kyu had brought him. 
'So he is still with that stupid handphone of his huh? What exactly is he doing with it? Is he having an affair with another person? ANDWAE!!!'
He was still in his thought when Kyuhyun came out of his room to get a drink for himself. 
"Donghae-hyung, are you still thinking about Hyukkie-hyung? Seriosuly, you should just ask him personally. If he really loves you, he should be able to be honest with you. If not, just use a little of you fishy charm. That will do the trick!"
"Oh! That's right! Hyukkie loves me right? He should tell me honestly! He should shouldn't he? Yeap! He should!" Hae nodded to himself enthusiastically. "Why didn't you say earlier Kyu?"
"YAH! You fishy! I have been saying it so many times already just now. But NO! You HAVE to insisted that I have to spy on the monkey! AND no you ask me why I never say sooner?"
"Ne, ne! Whatever! I'm going off to see Hyukkie now! BYE!"
"I give up! Donghae will always be Donghae! ARGH!"
"HYUKKIE!!!!" Donghae came into the dorm and ran straight into Hyukjae who was on the couch of the living room. He sat himself onto Hyukjae's lap.
"Yah! Hae-yah! What are you doing?"
The said boy only gave the widest smile to Hyukjae. But upon seeing the handphone on Hyukjae's hand, the fishy pout and glared at the handphone.
"Hae-ah! Hae!"
After some time, as Hae did not respond to him, he kept his phone in his pocket while Hae's eyes followed the phone all the way even until it was in the pocket. 
Hyukkie frowned before finally shifting a little and grabbing Hae’s face in between both of his hands and make him face himself. “Hae..” he said sweetly with a little pout for the attention that was not given before.
Donghae who finally regained back his composure reaponded to Hyuk, smiling.
"Wae? Why are you glaring at my phone Hae-ah?" Hyuk said to Hae as if he was talking to a 6 years old boy. He knew that the boy was simply seeking his attention like he always would. 
"Why are you always playing on your phone and smiling? And you don't tell me it's nothing because it's not. if you won't tell me then it means you dont love me!" HE pouted like the 6 years old boy he is. 
Hyukjae could only laugh at the cute display by his dear boyfriend. 
"Yah! Don't laugh! Answer me!"
"Ne. Ne. HAHAHAH!"
"Arasso. Arasso. You really want to know Hae-ah?"
"Ne!" Hae nodded cutely. 
"I was just looking through videos ne?"
Hae was set off thinking when he suddenly pout and looks like he was about to cry.
Hyukjae started to panic. "Hae-ah. Wae? Wae? Gwenchana?"
"Hyukkie dont love Hae anymore!" tears were welling in his eyes. Hyukjae starts to really get panic. 
"Hae! Don't cry! OMO! Who say I don't love you? Hmmm?"
"Then Hyukkie say Hyukkie watch videos?" Hae pout.
"Ne, but I didn't say I dont love you hae-ah..."
"But Hyukkie watch video and Hyukkie smile smile. Hyukkie watch Boa-noona video right? Your duet dance with noona right? So Hyukkie likes Boa-noona and no longer love Hae right?" Hae starts to sob.
Hyukjae quickly hugged the sobbing boy and cant control a little smile on his face. 
After some time, "Silly Hae! I wasn't watching Boa-noona. I was watching you silly! I was watching your drama cut silly!"
"Of course! Don't you trust me? You are just so cute Hae-ah!"
"Of course Hae trust Hyukkie! So Hyukkie still love Hae?"
"Of course Hae-ah!"
"Heheheh! Hyuk still loves Hae! YAY!" Hae stood up and jumped in happiness. Hyukjae can only look at his lover in amusement. 

I just found out that the Haehyuk Songfic challenged have been suspended, quite some time ago. Wow! I was away that long?? Anw, will still continue to write more fics. Since the 50 HHSC has been suspended I will not continue to finish writing it and go for a more free theme fanfics, which obviously will revolves around fluffs and romance. Angst is just not my thing, maybe just slight angst but yeah, no hard core angst... But will still be writing eunhae/haehyuk fics. Since it;s myu holiday season I will have more time to try write up soem fanfics. That is if I dont have writers' block... :P Ok, so do look forward to my future fanfics. :)


Title: Life Couldn’t Get Better

By: Super Junior

Pairing: Haehyuk

Rating: G

Genre: Romance

Summary: You and Me.

A/N: Since my holidays have started and have kind of abandoned this challenge, now I’m back… (: Since it has been quite some time writing a fanfic, do go easy on me. Comments are appreciated.

Life couldn’t get better
Life couldn’t get better

I can’t stop myself from smiling my biggest smile! It’s like a dream come true for me!

“Yah! Donghae-ah! If keep on smiling like that, I’m sure your face going to tear!” the reason for my happiness (well, partially) said while chuckling a little.

 ‘Til now, the time without you in my life was full of darkness (without you baby)
But ever since I’ve met you, my life’s been like a dream (baby)

“Hyukkie! Of course I’m happy! We are going to be in the same group!!! YAHOOOO!!” I said to him. My heart won’t stop pounding from happiness and seeing the gummy smile on his face.

He blushed a little with the (perfect) nickname that I gave him. “Yah! No need to be so happy. It’s just mean that I have to put up with you for more years to come…” ending with a teasing exaggerated sigh.

“HYUKKIE!! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!” I pout which pull <s>my</s> Hyukkie in a <s>hug</s>headlock and start playing around until Leeteuk-hyung scolded us for being to noisy. I pout but still happy at heart.

When I first saw you (first saw you) a miracle (a miracle)
I felt the miracle, it was you

I still remember when I first saw you, you were flying. You were dancing so passionately and it almost looked like you were flying. At that time all I knew was I want to get near you. There was something about you that enticed me.

Life couldn’t get better (hey~)
I’ll hold you in my arms and fly
We’ll fly towards the blue moon (ho~)
I’ll kiss you when you’re sleeping
Life couldn’t get better (hey~)
Open your heart and take my hand
Life couldn’t get better

We finally debut and a time passed by with you by my side. We weren’t doing too well. But you were always by my side. You were there when Appa went away. You were there when I needed a shoulder to lean on. Maybe, just maybe everything is going to to be fine, with you by my side, we are going to fly.

I want to be there for you just like you were for me. I want to protect you like you did for me.

Trying to wake you up in the morning but ends up looking at your peaceful sleeping face. I’ll just sleep by your side, hoping maybe I can protect you just like you would. A kiss before I stray off to dreamland with you.

You’ve changed my ordinary life (a holiday)
And all the people in the world look happy (I wanna thank you baby)

When I first saw you (first saw you) a miracle (a miracle)
I felt the miracle, it was you

You were a friend. Even though you always act nonchalant towards me <s>and my PDA</s> we both know that were the best of friends. You add joy to my life. You taught me to enjoy the present, to embrace what life brings you.

Then I first saw you, a miracle (a miracle)
I love you baby and I’m never gonna stop

No matter what my heart will always belong to you. You stole my heart the moment I saw you. You were like a miracle sent to me. I love you nd I’m never gonna stop.


My Star

Title: My Stars
Author: nur267

Pairing: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook (boy/girl)

Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Ryeowook debuted as a singer.

“Wookie, are you ready?” One of the managers asked.

“Yes oppa. I am so nervous.” Ryeowook said while doing her last touch up.

Today will be the day where she finally debut and all her hard works paid off.

As a first platform she will be collaborating with another well known artist. Past years as a trainee she thought that was the toughest moment-waking up early for school, rush back for practices that end at the wee hour. When the company told her about the debut, her schedule for one day is more packed than before. However, she still feels grateful with all the things that they had sign up for her. It is for her future as an idol. It is not easy to be a solo idol.

“And Wookie, Kyuhyun will be late. He had something to attend to. You will have to go through the mic test yourself. We will help you.”

Kyuhyun is a famous solo artist that is well known around the world. He had debuted for 6 years.


“Ryeowook this is Kyuhyun. I’m sure you know him right?”

Ryeowook nodded and bowed 90 degree as respect. “Annyeonghaseyo, Ryeowook imnida.” She said with a tint of blush.

Kyuhyun just nodded slightly with blank expression and then turn to meet the songwriter to understand the song.

Ryeowook felt a bit sad but she still keeps the smile.

Both of them went in the recording studio and that was the first time Kyuhyun spoke.

“You, Ryeowook are it? I really hope you don’t waste my time here. Sing properly. This is a recording studio not a practice session understand?” Kyuhyun end his “warning” with a smirk.

Ryeowook nodded and Kyuhyun can see that her eyes are teary and that’s hurt him deeply.

Throughout the recording session Ryewook give her best. She really doesn’t want to disappoint Kyuhyun. She don’t know why that’s even matter to her to actually make Kyuhyun happy.

“Okay, that’s a wrap. Thank you Kyuhyun.”

Kyuhyun just smiled, put the earphone back on the stand and take quick glance at Ryeowook who busy looking at the song script with his headphone still on.

As if his body is acting on its own, he removed the headphone and put it on the stand.

Ryeowook who was busy reading her script looked up in shock. Then Kyuhyun bend down until their eyes were in the same level, “That’s was awesome. Well done.” Kyuhyun praise her with a sincere smile and kissed Ryeowook cheeks before leaving for his next schedule.

Ryeowook touch her cheek where Kyuhyun had kissed it and smile. Now she has all the reason to give her best knowing that Kyuhyun is satisfied.

Every day she will meet Kyuhyun for practice about 2-3 hours before both went separate ways for their own schedule and without fail, Kyuhyun will always give a kiss on the cheeks.

1 more week before Ryeowook big day, she was going back from school to the company for practice when she stops by a toy shop. When she was on the way to the cashier to pay for the soft toy-giraffe-she saw Kyuhyun holding a teddy bear and waving it to a lady in front of him. Ryeowook suddenly stops. They were like only few feets when she actually notices.

Kyuhyun was passing to the lady the teddy bear when he was crush by a bear hugged from the lady and when he was release; he gave a kiss on the forehead and turn around. He was shocked to see Ryeowook. He doesn’t why but he had to explain to Ryeowook. He took a step towards Ryeowook when Ryeowook actually dropped her giraffe and run out of the shops with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Ryeowook wait…” Kyuhyun was chasing after her and shouting for her to stop. He doesn’t even care anymore if the fans might saw him or whatsoever. On his mind right now is to explain to Ryeowook and to see the tears rolling down from that silky cheeks, it is just heartbreaking.

To Kyuhyun advantages for having long leg, he manages to actually grabbed Ryeowook wrist and pulls her to the nearest alley so that no one will see them especially the fans.

“Ryeowook, I’m sorry.”

“What for?” Ryeowook replied with a forceful smile and she actually manages to wipe the tears before actually facing Kyuhyun.

“It is not what you think.” Before he could continue explaining, Ryeowook cut off, “Does that even concerning me? Why must you tell me this? We are only sunbae-hoobae. Sorry sunbaemim I promise not to tell anyone.”

Ryeowook was about to turn when Kyuhyun stopped her and kiss on her lips. There is not movement for a moment when Kyuhyun slowly move into the rhythm giving so much love to it. They separated when they are out of breathed.

Their forehead was together and Kyuhyun spoke up sweetly, “You assume a bit too much. We are siblings. It is her birthday today and I am force to give her birthday present. I know you cried. I’m sorry. Please Ryeowook don’t cry anymore. I promise to let you only cry out of happiness. I love Ryeowook, I really love you Kim Ryeowook.”

End of flashback

“Hey Wookie, what you thinking little girl?” That voice, Ryeowook will recognize his voice anywhere.

“Oppa!!!” Yes him!!! Ryewook run towards that voice owner and give him a bear hugged.

“Awww… Does my little girl miss me that much?”

“Kyu oppa!!! Where you go? Why you so late?” Ryeowook childishly whine.

“My little girl looks so pretty today. I actually when to buy something,” and Kyuhyun took out something from a plastic bag that his manager had helped him hold.

“GIRAFFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ryeowook shouted and kiss Kyuhyun cheeks. Everyone around them was actually laughly at their cute reaction especially Ryeowooks’.

“Kyu oppa, I named it KIKI.” And he hugs it tightly. Kyuhyun laugh at his girlfriend childishness and promise to himself to always keep that smile on Ryeowook face.

“Sorry KyuWook, but both of you need to be at the backstage now.”

With that Ryeowook give Kiki to her manager and both of them walk hand in hand to the backstage before Kyuhyun kissed Ryeowook forehead and move to his position.

The End.

Thank you for reading. Do comments (:

Life of School Boys Chapter 3
 Title: Life of School Boys (3/?)

Pairing: Main!Haehyuk, Main!Kyuwook, Minor!Hanchul, Minor!Kangteuk

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance, Fluff, School Life

Summary: Who will confess first? It’s the game of teenage life? Would happiness prevail?

A/N: Here's an update of Chapter 3. Enjoy~ Comments appreciated! <3

Chapter 03

On the way back to the classroom, out of nowhere, “Kim Kyuhyun!!”

Both Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, who were still holding hands, was shocked and stopped on the spot. Ryeowook body became stiff. He was scared. Someone just called his (maybe) friend’s name, Kyuhyun from across the corridor. All the students nearby stopped what they were doing and looked around to see who was making the ruckus. And who this Kim Kyuhyun was.  With eyes all staring at them, Ryeowook became nervous. However, for Kyuhyun, he was 100% sure form whom that loud voice came from.

When he felt Ryeowook stiffened in his spot, he unconsciously rubbed his thumb on Ryeowook hand, to soothe the latter.

He turned around.

“Yes, Heechul. You don’t have to shout my name.” Kyuhyun said blankly to Heechul who was walking happily hand-in-hand with his boyfriend, Hankyung.

Kyuhyun reaction made Ryeowook eyes almost popped out of his socket. The coldness in his voice. ‘Where did the nice Kim Kyuhyun a while ago?’

“Hey Dongsaeng! How’s your day?  Wooo… I see you make a friend already. Hi, Sweetie!” Heechul said to Kyuhyun before turning his attention to Ryeowook. Heechul almost ruffled Ryeowook’s hair when Ryeowook hides himself behind Kyuhyun who gave a smirk to his hyung.

“He’s Ryeowook, Hyukjae friend, Donghae’s neighbor.” Kyuhyun said before continuing, “He is scared of people especially people like you. So LOUD and SCARY”, emphasizing on the word LOUD and SCARY. Kyuhyun, started explaining when he saw Heechul epic reaction. He looked as if he wanted to eat Ryeowook alive.

“Don’t worry Ryeowook. He is my brother, Kim Heechul, and beside him is his boyfriend, Hankyung.”Kyuhyun explained to Ryeowook sweetly, totally opposite as when he was talking to Heechul. Ryeowook hesitantly come out from behind Kyuhyun and bowed 90degrees to the two hyung.

“Heechul-hyung. Hankyung-hyung.”

“Awww! So cute! So respectful too! Unlike someone.”Heechul talked as if he was talking to a small boy and emphasizing the word ‘someone’ at the end.

“Heechul, what are you doing here? We are going back to class. See you later.” Kyuhyun dragged Ryeowook away from Heechul, feeling jealousy of what Heechul did to Ryeowook.

“Yah! You brat! I’m being nice here! The great Kim Heechul specially came down to meet you!”

“Whatever Heechul! You came here just to show off your beauty.”

“Chullie let’s go… Leeteuk will be mad if we are late” Hankyung said before Heechul could answer Kyuhyun. These two siblings always behaving this way, arguing nonstop but that makes them closer.

The whole lesson was boring.

<s>Un</s>luckily for the two best friend, they were seated next to each other, so they could goof around silently in their seat, without being noticed by their teacher.

“Hyukiiieee~~~” Donghae sing sang lowly to get the attention of the <s>monkey</s> boy beside him, who has decided to ignore him for calling him a crazy monkey earlier. Well, don’t get Hyukjae wrong, He wasn’t really mad at Donghae. He was just teasing his <s>fishy</s> friend. He just enjoys the guilty look on Donghae’s face. The way he would pout and stick his tongue out when Hyukjae won’t look at him and not to mention the <s>cute</s> frown on his <s>cute</s> face. Well, that’s what Hyukjae thought anyway.

“Hyukkiee???” Donghae sing sang again and again when Hyukjae still ignoring him.

Hyukjae just continue ignoring him, while trying to not burst out laughing at Donghae actions. That boy was just so cute!

 It was almost break time, when Donghae decided to stop ‘harassing’ the <s>monkey</s> boy. His face was showing the most guilty face you can ever see. His mouth was pressed tightly into a thin line and was pouting. The frown on his face and the glistening tears in his eyes. The way he was playing with his fingers.

Hyukaje took a peek at Donghae and felt guilty. His <s>cute</s> best friend was about to cry. Hyukjae was about to laugh it off, which would always work once Donghae sees his gummy smile, which he would never understand how his <s>ugly</s> gummy smile would make Donghae so happy, when suddenly the breaktime bell rang.


“Okay class. That would be all for today’s lesson. Also, there would be a test at the end of every chapter. Study for it. Those who fail would have to stay back. With me.” The teacher says menacingly. The whole class jeered. Except for the two best friends who were sitting at the back of the class.

All the students start to stream out for lunch break once the teacher exits the class.

Hyukjae wasn’t paying any attention to the teacher at all. He just stayed in his seat and looked Donghae. Donghae was still in his guilty mode.

“Hae…” Hyukjae sing sang softly to Donghae, who was still not looking at him and looked as if the whole world burden was on him.

Hyukjae didn’t understand how Donghae would be affected by Hyukjae ignoring him. Well, he has never teased Donghae until like this. Well, how could he? The boy was just so irresisitably cute that he couldn’t go too far. He guessed he might have gone too far this time. And he is going to fix it!

He hold Donghae’s hand into his. Donghae finally raised his head and has the most <s>cutest</s> confused and shocked expression on his face. ‘SO CUTE!!’ Hyukjae thought.

Hyukjae looked at those tearful eyes before saying, “Hae~ Mianhae.” Hyukjae pout before showing his gummy smile.

Donghae just kept staring at Hyukjae eyes, with the same expression for what was likes forever. But in truth it was only 15 seconds. Hyukjae was getting worried and held Donghae hand tightly.

Slowly, a smile appeared on Donghae’s face slowly, which in turn became a wide big smile.

“Hyukkie in not angry at Hae!! YAY!” Donghae suddenly stood up and did a <s>weird</s> victory dance.

Hyukjae can only look at Donghae in amusement. How can someone change his mood like that?! His Donghae was such a kid! His? ‘Hyukjae! What are you thinking?!’

He shook the idea from his head and could only laugh at Donghae who was still doing his victory dance and ended it with a peace sign at Hyukjae.

“Hae! Kaja! Let’s go to the dance studio before the break time ends. You want grab something first to eat?” Hyukjae smiled.

Donghae shook his head before they both head to the dance studio to start practicing for the dance competition eventhough it was a few month away.

By the time, break was over. They both were too tired to even move. But they had their fun.

They dragged themselves into the shower room to have a quick shower before preceeding to their classroom and plop themselves in their seats. No body would want two stinking <s>monkey and fish</s> boys in the class would they?

Lucky for them the rest of the day was slacked as the teacher was just doing an intro to the subjects that they were going to learned through the year, since it was just the first day of school.

Finally, it was end of the day. They stay back for a while for all their classmates to exit first before exiting the class themselves.

Donghae has his arms slung over Hyukjae’s shoulder, walking along corridor to meet up with Kyuhyun & Ryeowook to go back together.

Like this. Just like this. Life was perfect for them. Having each other by their side. Their heart was feeling full. The first day was an AWESOME start of the year.

There’s nothing else they could as for.

Let the LIFE OF SCHOOL BOYS begin.


Life Of School Boys, Chapter 2

Title: Life Of School Boys (2/?)

Pairing: Main!Haehyuk, Main!Kyuwook, Minor!Hanchul, Minor!Kangteuk

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance, Fluff, School Life

Summary: Who will confess first? It’s the game of teenage life? Would happiness prevail?

A/N: Collab Fic. So type of writing may differ according to pairings. :) Comments appreciated! <3 Here's a short update of Chapter 2. Enjoy~

Chapter 02


Everyone was starting to stream into the school, including the four boys. The two best friends went towards the meeting area first to sent Kyuhyun & Ryeowook. The freshmen have to gather up there before they are told their respective classes and timetables.

"Wookie-ah. Do mingle around and make friends okay? Don’t be scared." Donghae said with an assuring smile plastered on his face. Ryeowook only gave him a small smile.
Don’t worry, Hae. I’m sure he will make friends and ends up like us! BFFs!! Hehehehe.” Hyukjae said to Donghae. Donghae only gave a worried smile to Hyukjae. Hyukjae just gave Donghae a smile back. He understood.
"Yah! You brat! Stop playing your PSP and mingle around. You better take care of Ryeowook here, you hear me?!” Hyukjae nagged at Kyuhyun before he turns to give Donghae an assuring smile. Donghae could only be silently grateful to Hyukjae. This bestfriend of his!
Kyuhyun looked up and amazingly finally put away his PSP away in his back before humming a respond to Hyukjae. Hyukjae was already used to his lack of respond anyway.

“Okay then! We’re off to class! See you both later!” They both waved to the two freshmen before leaving to go to their first class of the day, or you can say the first class of the year. The two has taken the same major, so almost all their classes are the same.
"It’s seems like almost yesterday that we were freshmen, who are just starting school. I can still remember how excited and anxious I was!” Donghae recalled with a small smile on his face.
"Yeah! Me too! It almost felt like yesterday!”Hyukjae said with the gummy smile on his face.
“HAHAHA! I can still remember the gummy smile on your face back then. You look like a crazy monkey! Hahhaha!” Donghae responded.
"Opps! HHAHAHA!!” And all of the students can see a laughing Donghae being chased by a screaming Hyukjae along the corridor before disappearing into their classroom.

After Donghae and Hyukjae went off, Ryeowook was lost and started to panic.
“Hey, are you okay?”Kyuhyun asked when he saw how Ryeowook was behaving. Ryeowook was startled. However, manage to give small smile to Kyuhyun whom heart skips a beat.
Out of sudden, Kyuhyun grab Ryeowook wrist lightly bring him inside the class to the empty seats right at the back. Ryeowook body stiffened when his skin came in contact with Kyuhyun and he can feel his cheeks starting to feel warm. While walking inside the class, Ryeowook keep his head hang down and walked as close as he could with Kyuhyun-he is scared to face his new classmates.

When they reached the empty seats, Kyuhyun let go of his hand grip hesitantly. Ryeowook looked up and unconsciously give a pout which Kyuhyun can’t help but pinched Ryeowook’s cheeks.
At that moment, the teacher came in and both of them got embarrassed of what they did.
Throughout the lesson both keep glancing at each other and when their eyes meets, both will quickly look away and blush.
Fortunately for both of them, they are classmates for all subjects. Ryeowook find having same class as Kyuhyun for all subjects is a relief. If not he will have trouble, he is scared that history will repeat itself.

During lunch time, Ryeowook was about to take out his phone when Kyuhyun speaks, ”Ryeowook shi, are you going to message Donghae?  I think he is having lesson now. Why not we have lunch together instead?”
Ryeowook look down and slid his phone in his pocket, while at the same time give  a small nod. With that, Kyuhyun grab Ryeowook wrist to stand up and go for lunch.
“K-Kyuhyun-shi, I bought lunch. I-I mean I brought 2. It’s supposed to be  for hyung b-but he is not around. S-so you can have it.”
Ryeowook whispered  which was only audible to Kyuhyun hearing, when they step out of the door.
Kyuhyun give him a big smile and walk the opposite direction of the canteen-which is towards the garden where not many students visit.
They eat in silence until Kyuhyun decided to speak up.
“Ryeowook shi, today’s lunch taste delicious.”

“A..ahh. Thank you Kyuhyun shi. My mum cooked today since she is having a break from work.”

“Do you cook if your mum is working?”

“Ne… Just a simple lunch.”

“Can I try someday?”

“Sure,but it is not as nice as my mum”

“It’s okay. I think we should get back to class.”

Kyuhyun stand up and reached out his hand for Ryeowook. Ryeowook grab Kyuhyun and slight pink appeared on his cheek. When ready to go, Kyuhyun hold Ryeowook wrist again, and walk back to class.

A start of a school term, a start of a new friendship. Or maybe more.

-End Of Chapter 2-


Life Of School Boys, Chapter 1

Title: Life Of School Boys (1/?)

Pairing: Main!Haehyuk, Main!Kyuwook, Minor!Hanchul, Minor!Kangteuk

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance, Fluff, School Life

Summary: Who will confess first? It’s the game of teenage life? Would happiness prevail?

A/N: Collab Fic. So type of writing may differ according to pairings. :) Comments appreciated! <3

Chapter 01



The said boy woke up with a jolt. “Whaaat???” with eyes half open, staring at lady who just barged into the room and almost broke the door! After some time, his view got clearer. “Eomma! You didn’t have to do that!”he whined.

“Hehehehe! Today is the first day of school. You don’t want to be late don’t you?” she replied with a smile.

Donghae just hummed as a respond and yawned loudly. He then slowly get out of bed to get ready for school while his mother went out to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the whole family. Donghae was up early, so there was no need to rush. He even had the time to text his <s>monkey</s> friend a “Good Morning” text, which he received a reply immediately.

He made his way down to the dining table to eat his breakfast. The rest of the family members were there and he greeted them a good morning. Donghae smiled at the event that had happened. Today started well. And he hoped it would also be the same throughout the whole year-three more years before he would finally graduate. He has to last that long, and he hope it would be smooth-sailing, just like the previous year. Even though there were some hiccups, but they just add the zest to his school life. And also, because of that, he got to know his <s>monkey</s> best friend!

“Ahh! 7.15am already?! Omma! I am going out already! I need to fetch Wookie first! Bye everyone!”Hae shouted before exiting the house.

“Deh! Take care! Say Hi to Ryeowook for me too!” Donghae heard before he finally closed the front door.

“Hyukkie-ah.. Hyukkie-ah.. Wake up..” someone cooed the sleeping boy awake, while stroking his hair lovingly. The said person woke up while rubbing his eyes. The other boy who was waking him up smiled at the sight.

“Ah! Morning Teukie-hyung!”said Hyukkie, showing his gummy smile,  as he look at the older man who has already stood up to exit the room.

“Morning my monkey! Hurry and get ready. Wouldn’t want to be late on the first day would we?” he, who was more known as Leeteuk than his real name Park Jung Soo, said while smiling, which shows off his dimple.

“HYUNG! Don’t call me a monkey!” Hyukjae pouts but soon after continue, “Dey! Wouldn’t want the president of the school and his brother to be late right hyung?”

“That would tarnish your image would it?” he joked.

Leeteuk just chuckled and exit the room.

He soon get ready for school. When he was all dressed up, his phone vibrated. He immediately took a look. There’s only one person who would text him in the morning. His <s>fish</s> best friend. He promptly reply the text message and went down for breakfast.

Soon, they heard the horn.

“AHH!! KangIn is here! Hyukkie are you done? Let’s go!”

“Ne hyung.”

“Umma! Appa! We are going off already! Bye!”

And they both went out, not before hearing their parents saying, “Ne! Take care! Don’t get in trouble! Especially you Hyukkie!”

Off they are for school! Hyukjae can’t wait to reach school & meet his best friend! But first, he has to take Kyuhyun, who is at his first year in the same college, to go school together.

“Wookie darling, wake up. Today is your first day right? Donghae will be here any minute to pick you are remember?” Ryeowook’s mum gently shook him and give him a kiss on the forehead.

His mum feel bad for Ryeowook because he had to change school few times in 3 months. He looked feminie and fragile made students bullied him and not forgetting, he never fight back, he even treat them nicely. So when Donghae-their neighbor cum Ryeowook babysitter-suggest that for high school, enrol Ryeowook together with him so that he can keep a looked out, Ryeowook’s mum agreed straight away.

“Umma, morning.”Ryeowook sit up and hug his mum,whispering “Will everything be alright?”

Ryeowook’s mum can only hugged him tighter.

After a moment of hugging, his mum left to the kitchen and Ryeowook washed up and get himself ready.

“Wookie, I’m here. Are you ready?Umma morning.” Donghae entered himself in Ryeowook house with the spare key that Ryeowook’s mum gave in case of emergency.

“Hae-ah, in the kitchen. Wookie will get down in few minutes. Here, help yourself for breakfast.”

“Thanks umma, I had breakfast already.”

“Hyung…” Ryeowook whispered and smiled.

“Wah Wookie!!! You grown up. Don’t worry, everything will be fine, hyung will be there.” Donghae knows what goes through Ryeowook mind at that moment and he try to comfort him.

“Umma, I go now with Hae hyung to school. Love you.” Ryeowook kiss  his mum cheeks and headed to school with Donghae by bus.

“You brat!!! Wake up… because of you, I can look ugly. Every morning, until I become angry and then you will get up. Faster, today your first day of school, you don’t want to be late right? I told you to not play games till late night right?.......” Heechul nagged.

After 10 minutes, last resort, Heechul went to the kitchen and bring a cup of ice water and splash it at his younger brother-who love games like how Heechul love beauty:Kyuhyun.


“I told you. Now gets your butt moving. Hannie have been waiting for the pass 30 minutes. I give 5 minutes to get ready and now I need to touch up.”

“We’re here!” KangIn said as they approached the school gate and stopped outside it.

“See you later hyung!” Hyukjae said to both Leeteuk & Kangin. The senior that are graduating have to report in early to help out with the new freshmen registrations and other admin matters. Furthermore, Leeteuk being the president of the school & KangIn being the chairperson of Judo Club, they have to meet up and discuss some matters.

This leaves Hyukjae to wait for his best friend alone with Kyuhyun who was buzying playing on his PSP. Brat. Donghae is also bringing his neighbor who was a first year freshmen like Kyuhyun. Hyukjae hope the both of them can get along well so they can all be good friends!

As Kyuhyun kept on playing his PSP, Hyukjae looked around the surrounding. He takes a long breathe in and close his eyes and enjoying sound of the surrounding, students chatting, birds chirping and the wind blows.

Suddenly, he heard a voice that was loud above all that sounds. “HYUKKIEEE!!!”

And he found himself taken aback, literally, as a body lunged towards him and gives him a big bear hug! He tried to stable is body, which he luckily did, and avoid falling and getting both of them injured on the first day of school.

“HAE!!” he whined, but still let out a short chuckle.

The said man only hugged him tighter and giggled. Hyukjae could only follow suit and in the end they both were laughing and hugging at the same time, forgetting about the surrounding.

After some time Donghae loosen his embrace, but not yet letting go, to see Hyukjae face who has turn red from laughing too much, and gave the biggest smile. The same expression was mirrored by the boy who was 6 months older than him, still in their own world. Until, someone tugged on Donghae shirt.

Donghae finally let go and turn around.

“OH! Wookie! I almost forgot! Sorry.” He smiled sheepishly. ‘Was he that obvious?’ He thought.

“Wookie come here. Don’t hide, I am here.” Donghae pulled him lightly so that Ryeowook will stand beside him instead of at the back.

“Hyukkie, here is Ryeowook and Ryeowook, this is Hyukjae, called him Hyukkie.”

Ryeowook give a shaky smile and bow 90 degree.

“Hi Ryeowook. You can called me Hyukkie ,just like how Hae called me okay?”

“Y-yes Hyukkie hyung. Called me Wookie.”Ryeowook said timidly.

“So cute. You are in Year 1 right? Here your new friend” Hyukjae nudged Kyuhyun who busy playing with PSP.

“Hi. Kyuhyun.” Kyuhyun introduced himself without even looking up.

Ryeowook being Ryeowook, he bow 90 degree.

Hyukjae can only shake his head and smile apologetically at Ryeowook.

“I think both of you will be in the same class, why don’t you go ahead to class for lesson. Have fun okay?” Hyukjae told Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.

“Hyukkie, erm… I think we sent them to class since they are new?” Donghae suggest. The real reason, he promised Ryeowook’s mum to take care of Ryeowook and he must make sure that Ryeowook reached class safely.

“Oh. Ok then.” Then all of them proceed.

Kyuhyun who busy playing PSP, surprisingly followed them in but without leaving his eyes from the games while Ryeowook hold hand with Donghae who busy talking with Hyukjae about holidays and at the same time holding Ryeowook tightly.

-End Of Chapter 1-


Title: Memories

By: Super Junior

Pairing: Haehyuk

Rating: G

Genre: Angst

Summary: Everything changes. You left.

A/N: Another shot in angst song!fic. Not specifically in anyone POV. Decide to write up something short. Lyrics are used as part of fanfic plot. Angst is just not my thing actually. Comments are appreciated though.
My participations here.


We were in love, weren’t we?
All those days we spent together.
We shared our pain, didn’t we?
Even when we didn’t know what was wrong.

“I love you Lee Hyukjae”

“I-I l-love you-u, too.”

Where are you now?
Don’t you hear my voice?
My aching heart searches for you.
It calls out for you, it’s going crazy.

“You promise you won’t leave me! You promised!”

My heart, my tears, again the memory of you
Drop by drop they fall onto my chest

I cry and cry, and with these memories that won’t be erased
Today my empty heart is drenched again

“Why? Why?”

We liked each other, didn’t we?
I used to make you laugh just by smiling
We cried together, didn’t we?
You would hurt too when you saw my tears

“We went through thick and thin together. Why did everything change? Why did you change?”

Where are you now?
Don’t you see how exhausted I am?
My aching heart searches for you
It calls out for you, it’s going crazy

My heart, my tears, again the memory of you
Drop by drop they fall onto my chest
I cry and cry, and with these memories that won’t be erased
Today my empty heart is drenched again

Won’t you come back to me?
Every day I call out your name
As I wait, exhausted, I wander and look for you

“Please come back to me! Please!” My heart begs. Please.



Title: My All Is In You

By: Super Junior

Pairing: HaeHyuk

Rating: PG

Genre: Slight!Angst

Summary: No longer the same.

A/N: Angst is just not my writing style. Hope it turns out well.

Even though I know that our parting is approaching

Because you’re leaving I hold my breath

6 years have passed us by. You are no longer my Lee Donghae.  Now, you are already so matured. You are now so manly. You rarely joke about childishly any longer. The childish Hae that I adored is no longer mine. We both know it will end this way. It is impossible between us. We can never be together. I’m happy for you, happy that you have a woman by your side to take over my place. You are now a MAN, no longer my boy. But, I still love you because all this will never change the fact that you are still the Hae that I fell for.

When I smile without realizing it, am I passing us by?

Even though pretending to smile without knowing why…

Truthfully I want to cry

You look into my eyes

Whenever I recalled back what has happened the past years, my heart swelled in happiness.  OUR times together. How you used to cling to me. How you would cuddle with me in bed. How you would say that you are waking me up as an excuse to lay in bed with me in those mornings. Your whines and puppy eyes when you want something from me. I miss you Hae. I miss you Hae. I miss your warmth. I miss the look in your eyes when they bore right into my eyes to my soul.

It seems our Love is ending like this

Before I know it our parting is approaching

You say”Goodbye”

Letting you go like this is still difficult to me,

Please give me a little more time

I can’t live without you,

My all is in you

I knew this day would arrive, but I didn’t know it would be this fast. I’m still unprepared. No one can deny how attractive you are to girls out there. Maybe even the guys. No matter how sincerely you say that I’m the only one in your heart, we both can deny that our relationship is unacceptable. I need to let you go. You deserve someone better than me. I’m just going to bring you down. But my heart refuses. Even when we both said our ‘Byes’ together my heart still refuses to let go. Because…  My All Is In you.

If i say goodbye first,

Then you will expect that I’m letting you go first.

We both agreed to say goodbye together, because neither of us actually wants to leave each other.

Even though in your stare, which has changed since before.

There is no longer any love, I’m okay.

Time is slowly passing/ticking by and my mouth runs dry

I’m looking at you anxiously

I’m nervous and pacing

I’m afraid you’re going to say goodbye.

Your eyes no longer has love I them. The way you look at HER has no love. But, I know it just a matter of time before you can look at her the way you look at me. However.  No matter how much I hope that you will find your happiness with her, my heart still aches to think about it. I’m really afraid that the day when you finally forgot about me and go to her would arrive. I’m afraid that you will REALLY leave me and say “Goodbye”.

It seems our love is endling like this (Even though you say it’s endling like this)

Before i know it our parting is approaching (It’s already unavoidable)

You say “Goodbye” (You say Goodbye my girl)

Letting you go like this is difficult to me (To me it’s still)

Please give a little more time

Even without me you can smile

Our Love has already run out

Eventually you say your “goodbye” give me some time

I still can’t let go of the one person,

Who means so much to me

I can’t live without you, my all is in you

I can’t live without you, my all is in you


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Title: Sorry Sorry

By: Super Junior

Pairing: HaeHyuk

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance.

Summary: I’m Sorry. I’m too in love with you.
A/N: Another songfic attempt. :) Sorry about the black highlighted words. >.<

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
I I I first
For you for you for you I fell
fell fell fallen baby
Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
Eyes are blinding blinding blinding
Breathe is stifled stifled stifled
I’m going crazy crazy baby

My eyes could not move from the angelic scene before me.

Those eyes. The gummy smile that makes my heart skip a beat. Your flawless milky skin. Those sharp jawline.

Inside the glaze that stares back at me
Inside the glaze it’s as if I’m
As if I’m a guy bewitched bye something
I can’t even escape it now

The way you look when you walk over
The way you look it’s as if
You came and stepped on my heart on the way
I can’t even escape it now

Wherever you go you confidently
Smile, your attractiveness

A rare beauty and a good girl
Universally thought of

Proudly, without stopping
You’re really like a fantasy

So much that people can’t change their mind about it

Day by day, I’ve only fallen deeper and deeper for you. The way your eyes would stare at me with so much gentleness in them. The way your body moves, in total perfection. These feelings are inevitable.

[Donghae] Hey girl gir gir gir gir gir girl i
When I open my eyes I think of you Hey girl
Asleep or awake, the truth is I can only see you

You are on mind, every day, every hour, every minute, and every second. Your haunt dreams. But a nightmare with you in it, I’m willing to experience it every night. My eyes are only on you.

Tell me in your heart I
Tell me did I get a spot
Tell me tell me please
I’m stupid stupid stupid

People in my surroundings tell me
I’m too aggressive
In this world that sort of person
Not as though there are only one or two of them

You don’t know you don’t know her
Words that they say in jealousy

If you’re jealous of me
Then they are going to lose

I want to only love you
I will never think of looking at anyone else hey

Rather than a lover, a friend
Is what I’d rather like to be

I’m always so clingy with you. I want your love, Can’t you see? I don’t care what they say. I’m in love with you. As long as I can have you by my side, I would do anything. Let them be jealous. I shall claim you mine. I want to to love only you. I CAN love ONLY you. 

All of your thoughts and sadness
I want to keep

As if as if you might not exist
I love you so much
The person that I expect is you
that that that girl

We will go through thick and thin together. I will stay here by your side. My shoulders are for you to lean on. My ears are for you to talk to.  My hands are to hold yours. My heart is open for you.

I’m sorry Lee Hyukjae. I’m too in love with you.

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